History of the Hall

The site of the new Village Hall was previously occupied by the old Community Centre built in the 1970’s. communitycentreThe fabric of the building had deteriorated significantly and was becoming very expensive to maintain. Asbestos was also a concern, along with swelling and lifting of the sunken floor. Therefore the building was deemed unserviceable and could be demolished.AsbestosThe Community Centre site was thought to be large enough to accommodate two new dwellings and a new more manageable village hall. Sale of the land for the new dwellings would enable the project to be a self funding initiative.AerialviewTo fund the initial stages, before planning was granted and the land sold, residents loaned £500/£1,000 each to the Trustees. Architects were appointed and a feasibility study led to outline planning application for two new executive homes and a completely new Village Hall. GroundworksThe emphasis of the design was on low maintenance with minimal energy costs and a high quality build.  BlockworkPlanning permission was granted and Keepsake Construction of Wetherby were appointed as the main contractor, following a formal tender exercise.RoofThe New Village Hall was completed on target during July and after fitting out was ready for the official opening on the 8th September 2013.Village HallThe project delivered a manageable, versatile and successful community amenity.